The Value of the Person-Theory R Leadership Workshop: Rooting Culture into People so People Drive Sustainability

10:15 – 12:00: PLENARY SESSION – Commitment to a Collaborative Culture Key to Exceeding Sustainability Goals, Nancy McDonell, CEO, Value of the Person
2:30 – 4:30:  Value of the Person Workshop: Collaborative Cultures Reach Sustainability Goals

Culture is what fuels the level of success with every project, performance goal and change factor introduced into your plants.  From the people who sell the equipment to the employees who operate the equipment to the plant engineers, plant maintenance, managers and corporate leaders, they are all important parts of a culture that drives sustainability. Culture IS the differentiator!

So what is the culture, the heartbeat of your organization?  What do people feel when they enter your plants, meet your people, walk through your office, work with your maintenance people, engineers, managers, supervisors, plant employees?  The honest answer to those questions will give you a degree of insight into why you are experiencing what you experiencing as you strive to meet your sustainability goals.

In this workshop we will introduce you to some of the basic principles behind the Value of the Person and Theory R leadership practices – what the application process would be to build a culture based on relationships and what it really means to tap into the hearts of your people. We will share stories of operations who have found great success and have discovered that the most effective way to build a sustainable competitive advantage is to reach their people in a very real way. Establishing an environment where they know they are loved, appreciated, valued and respected by leadership and by each other. For more information visit

The Value of the Person team and organization is spearheaded by Nancy McDonnell, President and CEO. She is the daughter of the late Wayne T. Alderson, a highly renowned peacemaker in labor-management relations across industrial America. Working side by side with Wayne for 35 years, she was instrumental in building the Value of the Person Consultants into a vehicle for change, to inspire, teach, and challenge others to see how one person can make a difference through the principles of Value of the Person – Theory R leadership.

Barbara Yogan, Vice President, Training and Development, joined Value of the Person in 2014 and brings a wide array of work experience having owned and managed a family business, being a National Board Certified teacher and having been mentored by Value of the Person founder, Wayne Alderson. Along with Master’s degrees in both business and communications, Barb brings energy and enthusiasm, and is key to our unique approach to the development of people within all levels of the organization. Lifelong friends, Barb and Nancy are closely connected by their vision and desire to “change the world,” one person, one workplace at a time.