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Discover new technologies from leading global manufacturers! Education at the New Technology EXPO Classroom. Make Discoveries and Solve Issues. Located on the EXPO Floor (opposite the main entrance).

While the Best Practices Conference program upholds brand neutrality guidelines, this separate classroom on the EXPO Floor is reserved for exhibitors to present their latest developments in a commercial fashion. The New Technology EXPO Classroom presentations do not necessarily reflect the views of the Best Practices EXPO & Conference.

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Tuesday, October 4th

2:00-2:25: Another Energy Solution from Hertz, Bob Groendyke, VP & General Manager, Hertz Kompressoren USA

Hertz Kompressoren products are built around core competence with a body of knowledge and a set of capabilities that enable it to develop new and innovative solutions. The most recent is our IMPETUS series products. Impetus, the driving force, power and energy solution to your compressor air needs. IMEPTUS is the NEW power to make things happen.

2:30-2:55: Point of Use Oil-Free Air with Catalytic Conversion, Nitin Shanbhag, President, Mikropor America

Mikropor has a more cost-effective solution to minimize contaminants in a compressed air system with the MCC Catalytic Converter. The MCC eliminates residual oil in compressed air by means of a catalytic reaction between the oil-laden air and the reactant (catalyst).

3:30-3:55: Point-Of-Use Compressed Air Drying Solutions for Moisture Sensitive Applications, Jim DiMaiolo, Industrial Market Manager, Altec AIR

Altec AIR will present its wide offering of regenerative desiccant compressed air dryer technologies and discuss applications that require ultra-dry dewpoints. With our selection of MDH Series (0.4 – 3.2 SCFM), VSA Series (2.8 – 12 SCFM), and HR Series (3.0 – 50 SCFM) Desiccant Air Dryers, we can meet your clean dry air needs. Altec AIR also provides Refrigerated and Desiccant Air Drying Solutions for larger air flow requirements. Altec AIR’s units are dependable, low maintenance and easy to monitor.

4:00-4:25: Compressed Air Dryer Refrigerant and Environmental Sustainability, Pam Tetterton, Area Sales Manager, BOGE America

BOGE America will discuss Europe’s Fgas Regulation and its impact on the refrigerant used in compressed air dryers, and what it means to North American industry.

4:30-4:55: ABC Compressors New Range & Technology, Nacho Urbistondo, Sales Area Manager, ABC Compressors USA

ABC Compressors USA will introduce the very first synchronous magnet piston compressor in the market as well as ABC Compressors added value to the market.

5:00-5:25: Importance of Oil Free Compressed Air in Food and Beverage Safety, Gershom Joel, Product and Support Manager, ELGi North America

The presentation will address some safety challenges in the food and beverage industry and how oil-free compressed air is critical to solving these challenges. The presentation will also create awareness of some of the safety standards in the food and beverage industry, types of compressed air applications within the industry, and some of the “dos and don’ts.”

Wednesday, October 5th

2:00-2:25: FS-Connect a New Way to View Your Compressor from FS-Elliot, Justin Johnson Product Manager, FS-Elliot

FS-Elliott’s remote monitoring feature, FS-Connect has been designed to give you visibility of the operational status of your FS-Elliott air compressor. This web-based connection is provided through a cellular 4G connection and provides you with easy access to monitoring and troubleshooting from the comfort of any remote location.

2:30-2:55: High Pressure Air & Gas Applications to Meet and Exceed Your Customer’s Needs, Josh Peter, Atlantic Regional Sales Manager, Sauer Compressors USA

Sauer Compressors USA will present on its specialties in the manufacturing of medium and high-pressure air and gas compressors for naval, commercial maritime, offshore, R&D and demanding industrial applications. Industries worldwide rely on Sauer piston compressors for pressures of up to 7,250 PSI to control process and production using high-pressure air or gas.

3:00-3:25: Compressed Air Piping, The Good, The Bad, The Future, Bill Kirkpatrick, Regional Sales Director, Applied System Technologies

Applied System Technologies are manufacturers of high quality compressed air piping systems that not only install fast and last forever, but are covered with an exclusive Lifetime Warranty.

3:30-3:55: AMS (Air Management System): Beyond Traditional Air Prep Systems, Nathan Eisel, National Product Development Manager, SMC Corporation of America

The decision to modernize your compressed air system at the machine level can be a challenging and risky one to make; this decision prompts questions of when and how to do so. This session will provide answers to these questions and teach you how to overcome challenges and mitigate risk associated with the modernization of your compressed air system, all while reducing your carbon footprint, implementing condition-based maintenance schedules, and leveraging digitalization for ultimate efficiency and efficacy. Air preparation has evolved beyond the simple filter, regulator, and lubricator (FRL) combination unit into something much more; the new AMS (Air Management System) is a three-tiered, multi-sized, modular air preparation system that prioritizes sustainability, data, and digitalization.

4:00-4:25: Is Control Gap a Problem for Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors?,  Jeff Yarnall, Auditor, Rogers Machinery Company

This presentation will define control gap in compressed air systems, identify where it exists, how to resolve it, mitigation strategies, resolutions and impacts on energy consumption.

4:30-4:55: Why Thermal Mass Flow is a Great Technology for Insights into Your Compressed Air Savings, Pascal van Putten, CEO VPInstruments

In this presentation, Pascal van Putten will cover how thermal mass flow is measured, benefits of thermal mass flow as well as its limitations. In addition, van Putten will cover how bi-directional flow is measured and why it is important, plus where you can measure with thermal mass flow sensors.

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