GES is the Decorator for the Best Practices 2023 EXPO & Conference.  The Exhibitor Toolkit is now Live at

If you have any questions; please contact their excellent Servicenter.

GES National Servicenter®

U.S.: 1 (800) 475-2098
International: +1 (702) 515-5970
7000 Lindell Road
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Please note that all booths require floor coverings and that 10×10 and 10×20 booths do not come with a table and chairs. Unless you are shipping those items with your booth, we highly recommend using the very cost-effective Booth Decoration Packages A, B, C or D which include all labor and furnishings. These are available in the Exhibitor Tool Kit. Please note Labor charges can really add up at McCormick Place – so these packages are very cost effective.

Booth Decoration Packages and ASUV Self Move-In Information

The 2023 Exhibitor Kit details all booth decoration options. Please note that standard 10×10 and 10×20 booths come with an ID sign and 3 foot side and 8 foot back drapes (white). Booths do not come with tables and chairs. Please note all booths must have a floor covering and the exhibit floor aisle carpet will be blue. Exhibitors can bring their own floor covering or order it from the Kit. We highly recommend using the cost-effective decoration packages detailed below.

All Booth Packages Will Include:

  • (1) Company Header
  • (1) Wastebasket
  • Delivery, installation & dismantling
  • Booth Carpet + protective visqueen
  • 1-time cleaning before show

Package A Will Include:

  • (1) RoundTable
  • (4) Side Chairs
  • Pipe & Drape (8′ backdrape & 3′ sidedrapes)

Pricing: 10×10 $700.00 – 10×20 $900.00

Package B Will Include:

  • (1) Lockable Information Counter
  • (1) Counter Stool
  • Pipe & Drape (8′ backdrape & 3′ sidedrapes)

Pricing: 10×10 $750.00 – 10×20 $950.00

Package C Will Include:

  • Hard Wall Exhibit Structure (8′ backwall & 3′ sidewalls)
  • (1) Roundtable
  • (4) Chairs
  • (3) Straight shelves
  • (3) Arm Lights

Pricing: 10×10 $2,500.00  – 10×20 $2,700.00

Package D Will Include:

  • Hard Wall Exhibit Structure (8′ backwall & 3′ sidewalls)
  • (1) Counter Stool
  • (1) Lockable information counter
  • (3) Straight shelves
  • (3) Arm Lights

Pricing: 10×10 $2,550.00 – 10×20 $2,750.00

ASUV PROGRAM (Automobile & Small Utility Vehicle)

McCormick Place allows exhibitors to unload/load from automobiles and small utility vehicles at designated docks using only non-motorized, non-hydraulic, hand trucks and dollies. The ASUV Program is available on predetermined dates and times as listed below. McCormick Place encourages Exhibitors to participate in the ASUV program in one of two options:

• Self-Loading/Unloading ASUV at Exhibition Hall
• Hand Carry Items Option – From Parking Lot A

If your vehicle does not meet the criteria below, you will need to follow Marshalling Yard instructions for truck check-in. Material handling charges will be based on published kit rates.

Vehicle Criteria:

  • Passenger Automobile
  • Mini Van
  • SUV
  • Pick-up Truck
  • Full Size Van
  • No Trailers
  • No Step Van
  • Box Truck

Designated ASUV move-in or move-out will be allowed at the following dates and times:

Move-in: Sunday, October 22, 2023 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Move-out: Wednesday, October 25, 2023 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Check-in for exhibitors will take place at the Marshalling Yard Office (3050 S. Moe Drive) where drivers will receive an ASUV Pass and will be directed to the designated ASUV dock in the correct exhibit booth building.

Additional Inquiries can be directed to the Standard Parking Lot B Office via email at

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