1. Unmonitored Compressed Air as a Manufactured Food Ingredient, Andy Poplin, Corporate Sales Director, Atlas Machine & Supply
  2. Market Trend Towards Air-Over-the-Fence Systems, Steve Briscoe, Director of Sales, Pattons
  3. Managing Operational Energy at Intertape Polymer Group, Dr. Michael B. Jones, Director of Corporate Energy, Intertape Polymer Group
  4. Multi-Factory Remote Control & Monitoring of Chilled Water and Compressed Air System Performance, Dean Smith, Manager of Auditing & System Design, iZ Systems

The 4th Annual Best Practices 2022 EXPO & Conference will convene Equipment Sales Engineers and Manufacturing Personnel interested in Sustainable, Safe and Reliable On-Site Utilities Powering Automation – including compressed air, blower, vacuum, pneumatics  and cooling water systems.

Receive Credits for 8 PDH Hours on Three Key “Best Practices” Topics

  1. Sustainability: Learn to dramatically reduce energy and water consumption in plants through System Assessments.
  2. High-Quality and Safety: Protect food products or high-tech equipment from contamination. Learn how to set a specification and verify compliance.
  3. Reliability: Maximize Up-time through proper sizing, system design and monitoring instrumentation.